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I'm Alison. I've been teaching yoga since 2004. I discovered the practice just a few years before that when I limped into my first yoga class with an injured body and a broken heart. After weeping my way through that first savasana, I thought to myself, "THIS is what I want to do with my WHOLE LIFE. And here we are. 

My classes blend physical alignment cues with guided inquiry into the metaphorical nature of the embodied experience—a combination I find to be both powerful and deeply humanizing. Participants explore various aspects of asana practice (postures) including breath-based movement, strengthening holds and strategies for pose improvement. Expect to work hard and learn, and to laugh, too!


I have a love and reverence for the myth, philosophy and history of Hinduism, in particular, the South Indian Sri Vidya traditions, which inform my all of my classes to some degree. You can read about my yoga training and background here.

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I teach weeky drop-in classes online

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Series, workshops, retreats -- I offer many ways for you to deepen your study and practice of Yoga.


loom school

The Loom School of Hatha yoga has been training and certifying teachers since 2014. 

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private yoga

Private lessons are a great way to begin a practice or to get back on track after a hiatus or injury. 



Myth, Multitudes, & Matter - Yoga and Biodiversity Retreat with Whale and Sea Life Excursion

Biodiversity awaits you - the Multiverse is all around us! Come on a whale research excursion with scientists, relax on the beach with the herons and pelicans, take a day trip into town to shop, explore the simple fishing village. The food is divine, the company exquisite - make this the year you do this for yourself!

Dec 2022


Feb/March 2023

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other stuff I do


Before I was a yoga teacher, I was a painter. Images were the language I used to make sense of the world and my place in it. There came a time when life's constraints drove me to redirect that part of myself to writing, something I can squeeze into any space where I can curl up with a laptop. These days, I'm driving myself a little bit crazy trying to do both. Unexpectedly (at least to me) I also perform with my father's Jazz sextet.

Follow me on social media, subscribe to my newsletter, or send me a note. Until I figure out what to do with it, you can read more about me at my old website.

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