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Myth, Multitudes, and Matter

Yoga and Biodiversity Retreat with Whale and Sea Life Excursion


••March 1-8 is sold out! New dates—March 9-16th••


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In the community of Barra de Potosi Mexico, something very new is evolving in support of all that's ancient and enduring. Whale research and documentation projects are helping this community transition from a fishing economy to an ecotourism economy, one which will protect and preserve the local sea life, enrich and empower the local citizenry, and safeguard the cultural flavor of the region.


What an astonishing yoga this is. And we are very lucky to have the opportunity to learn about and experience this work from a front-row seat. An excursion on a  research vessel is built into our time together. On this unique oceanic biodiversity adventure, we'll accompany an international team of researchers and local fishermen-turned-boat pilots on a day in the life of saving their coastal home. We may see sea turtles, manta rays, dolphins, or even the whales themselves! Participation, of course, is optional.

We may also get the chance to release tortoise hatchlings, and protect them from predators as they make their way across the sand and into the sea. This depends entirely on the cooperation of the hatchlings, but so far we have been lucky enough to experience this every year.

Barra de Potosí is a traditional, simple fishing village nestled at the southern end of Playa Larga beach in Playa Blanca, the section of the Pacific coast known as the Mexican Riviera for its beautiful beaches. Perched between the bay and the lagoon, this little hamlet boasts egrets and pelicans, tortoises and dolphins, mangroves, coconut palms, and papaya trees.

And in addition to the multiplicity onshore - there is the multiplicity teeming just beneath the surface of the sea, and we have been invited to interact with that world firsthand.


Learn about the Guererro Whale Research Project here

Learn about the Turtle Conservation efforts on Playa Blanca here


Retreat Details

Fly in and out of Ixtapa / Zihuatanejo on the first and last days indicated by the retreat dates (March 9th & 16th)

This retreat begins with dinner on the day you arrive and culminates with our beach bonfire the night before you leave, followed by a quiet breakfast and the morning to yourself  before you make your way to the airport that final afternoon.

There will be yoga classes and group meditation from days 2-7 with the exception of Whale Day which is reserved for the sea life excursion in the morning, and whatever else you can dream up in the afternoon.

You'll have the opportunity to get to know the surrounding village and its people and perhaps travel to one of the larger towns nearby. Retreaters are encouraged to nestle into the warm embrace of beautiful Mexico as an extension of our practices of awareness and engagement.


Sample Schedule:

Day One

Welcome Dinner provided by Claudia and Toby

Days 2-4

Coffee and tea will be available upon waking
8:00 am - 10:00 am Asana Practice with Alison
10:30 am - Breakfast provided by Claudia and Toby
10:30 - 4:00 pm - free time
4:00 pm Meditation Instruction and Practice with Alison
4:30 to 6:00 pm Asana Practice with Alison
6:30 pm Dinner provided by Claudia and Toby

Day 5

Excursion Day - coffee and tea service provided, plus sandwiches for the boat. Dinner as you like in the village or nearby Zihuatanejo


Day 6

Same as 2-4

Day Seven

Coffee and tea will be available upon waking
8:00 am - 11:00 am Asana Practice with Alison
11:30 am - Breakfast provided by Claudia and Toby

Thursday Night - So-long fiesta and barbecue on the beach!


Fly out Day eight

Breakfast will be provided by Claudia and Toby

Rooms are double occupancy*(see payment information). It's always fun to retreat with a friend—let me know if there's someone else signing up that you'd like to room with. If you are coming with a romantic partner, sign up soon and secure a king-size bed! 

Re: Covid19 — Vaccination cards are required for this retreat. I don't believe there are any current masking protocols being observed in the village, but we will follow their lead in the event that should change. As we are practicing and dining outside, we will not require masks during those times. 


Payment Information

The cost for lodging with daily brunch, four-course dinners, Yoga and meditation instruction and practice, Farewell Fiesta on the beach, monetary contributions to sea life conservation, possible turtle hatchling release, and your whale research excursion on the sea is  


(Contact me for payment details)

or $1400 by PayPal

Because I work directly with Mexican vendors, I am able to keep the price of the retreat very low, and you get the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting the village economy directly. And, a portion of your retreat fees goes directly to Whale and Tortoise research and conservation efforts in the Playa Blanca region!

You'd do well to add another couple/few hundred for gifts, lunches at the palapas or in the village, taxis, and walking-around money. Opportunities will also arise for massage on site and optional organized activities, such as cooking classes or bird watching, which are not covered by your retreat fee.

Use the Zihuatanejo airport.  From Portland or SF, Alaska first—they make one trip daily with a stop in LA—and then American. For January, you should be able to get a flight for around $650. Flights from SF are direct on Alaska.

Note that the retreat price is based on double occupancy. Unless I hear otherwise, I will pair you with another participant. We can sometimes arrange a private room for you (please be advised that this will significantly increase your overall retreat fees). Contact me for information.

Make sure I have a valid email address, so that we may be in contact before we arrive in beautiful Mexico.

Easy peasy!

Read more about the biodiversity of the Playa Blanca region here, and also here, and about the village of Barra de Potosi here, and here. And as always, feel free to contact me to make alternate payment arrangements, or with any questions, anytime


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“I trust Alison deeply. I know from long study that she wrestles with her own challenges and limitations and lives through to the current answers for her via yoga. (There's a) clarity and  throughline. She’s got a special calling..."

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