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Private Yoga

 For Injury Rehabilitation and Postural Management 


I have worked privately with clients using with yoga-based movement modalities since 2004. The work I do addresses structural alignment—students focus their efforts on postural re-patterning in support of their ability to move freely and confidently in their bodies and in their lives. I work with people of all levels of fitness. Clients are continually surprised by how capable they are of taking a collaborative role in the way they feel day to day, just by doing a few minutes of focused movement on a regular basis.

For Deepening Inquiry


There's this word I love in Sanskrit: Nitya. 


It means  "enduring", or "eternal",  but it can also refer to the little things we do day to day, as in the phrase "nitya karmas".  Nitya Karmas means "daily rituals," but resonates as the little things we do to maintain order,  in our lives. I like to think of Nitya Karmas in relationship to the English phrase - "nitty gritty", as the mundane, seemingly insignificant details that together give something its wholeness.


Asana (the practice of physical yoga poses) is as complex as we are. As many expressions of the human body that exist, there are that many specific complex formulas of nitty gritty details. The modern mass-consumption of yoga has its benefits, and the ritual experience of practicing in community is something I deeply value. However, shedding some light on your personal matrix of genetic and accumulated anatomical specificities is an invaluable tool for the serious practitioner, as well as the perfect foundation for someone just starting out with yoga.


I can meet students at my home or theirs in the San Francisco Bay Area (fees will be adjusted if I cross any bridges) or, if circumstances permit, via Zoom. With enough lead time, I can schedule with Portland clients when I'm in the area - see the events page for upcoming Portland Workshops.

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