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Drop-in Yoga

"Your classes are always profound... How incredible to really feel who I am, what I feel like – from the insides of my bones to the edge of my skin to the tip of my toes. You’re a blessing, Alison." - KB 

Unless otherwise noted, my drop-in classes are mixed level, alignment rich sequences exploring various aspects of asana practice, including breath-centered movement, strengthening holds and strategies for pose improvement.

My teaching, like my personal practice, is an ongoing inquiry into the ways we can apply the insights of the body to the rest of our lives. Repeat students to my classes vary broadly in terms of age, body shape and size, and level of yoga experience.

Currently, the only weekly class I'm teaching is Myths & Methods online, a wonderful six week series you can read about here.
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Myths & Methods (series, Zoom)

Wednesdays 6:15-8:00 pm

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In-Person class in the San Rafael Hills
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Go Deeper

Drop in yoga classes provide an entry point to Yoga and for some of us, a lifeline of sorts by which we maintain relative sanity in a crazy world. But to really absorb and integrate the benefits of practice, you’ll want to go deeper.


I am teacher at heart who is truly inspired by supporting the evolution of my students. In service to that evolution, I offer multiple ways to deepen your study and practice of Yoga. Offerings differ in terms of time commitment and schedule, but all share a similar ethos -- that at its heart, Yoga is engagement -- it's the art of getting real, of showing up. Experience has taught me that making the effort to show up for yourself will always yield results. 

"I feel like her classes are really all about drawing into the midline - drawing into this central place in our body - but I think that’s also an analogy for life: draw into this place that resonates with us that is truly what we are in order to be our best selves - which in turn allows others to be their best selves.""

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