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Yoga Training and Background


I began my formal Yoga studies in the year 2000. I was originally trained in the Anusara method, and had my life transformed by the power of smart alignment in the body, a strong and dedicated asana practice, and a vibrant community to share it with. In that time I studied with and alongside many leading teachers from that community, such as Desiree Rumbaugh, Noah Maze and Darren Rhodes, as well as the method's founder.

In 2012, I was transformed again, this time by the dissolution of that community due to abuses of power. Both of these experiences shaped me as a person and a yogin, and helped me to step confidently into my yoga independence, and into the role of lead teacher myself when the time came.

I continue to look to great alignment teachers, such as Doug Keller and Christina Sell, for wisdom and insight. I also look outside of the yoga community, to emerging bodies of knowledge such as Tom Meyer's Anatomy Trains and Katy Bowman's Nutritious Movement. I worked for many years as resident movement therapist at the Chriropractic offices of Dr Jason lindekugel, where every client I worked with deepened my understanding of the body and its wonders.

Since 2004 I have studied the philosophy, history and myth of the yoga traditions with Dr Douglas Brooks, who has been and continues to be an inspiration and a friend. 


I've lived a full life and learned from both its peaks and its valleys. Before I was a yoga teacher, I was a painter, and before that I was a member of a family for whom music is both profession and way of life. Most recently I have expanded my love of storytelling to include the study and practice of writing, with an emphasis on memoir and personal essay. You can keep track of me on instagram, or sign up for my newsletter

Some words from longtime students:

"Alison brings together SO MANY DIFFERENT ELEMENTS of the practice. I’m always amazed at how she can help me learn about and focus on the physical, all the so many little details of the physical - but she makes it accessible, and I’ve been able to really OWN that knowledge, really ABSORB it, it’s become part of me.”

“Her class, I feel the benefits of it immediately more than any other yoga class I’ve been to… like other classes I feel like my heart rate gets up more, but Alison’s class I feel STRONGER afterwards... "

“Alison’s one of the best of the best…she should and could be more famous…Alison has a personal charisma and a love for the stories…She’s very capable, she’s overcome a lot, and she’s so deep on the alignment work, she lives and breaths it.”

" of her strengths is that she’s not one of those super skinny yoga teachers and that’s a real benefit to the rest of us."

"I’m able to recognize energetic movements better... most yoga poses are moving in 2 directions at once— and that’s a very powerful concept to work with physically, because it has so much application in your personal life. Like, you want both more free time and more money. How are you going to move in 2 directions at once?”

Alison Alstrom 2005 • photo by michael davidson
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