"The stories … they’re enriching, they’re engaging, they’re contemplative —"

Myths & Methods

An Ongoing 6 class Series

Wednesdays, 7:15 - 9pm at the People's Yoga.

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Myths & Methods is an ongoing, 6 week class series, each with its own philosophical (myths) & physical (methods) focus. 


My approach to myth is metaphor rather than dogma -- the dieties as archetypes for understanding ourselves and the world -- and is informed by my many years of study with Dr Douglas Brooks. By layering the rich teachings of Rajanaka and the greater Sri Vidya traditions over a detailed study of asana and the body, we unlock the mysteries of both - revealing a multitude of pathways to a more integrated life.

I love the series structure. It offers more depth than drop-in's, but you don't have to travel or block off a weekend to dive in. Taking even one six-week section can benefit your practice, although many students make the series a part of their regular weekly routine. Those many repeat students form the backbone of a rich community of learners that is a hallmark of M&M, and a fringe benefit of committing to a deeper engagement with your yoga.

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"Sometimes when I go to Alison’s classes it’s like she’s speaking directly to me... like she knows what’s going on with me - it’s usually a story that’s also related to myth and also related to life - like your life.”


Myth, Multitudes, and Matter

Yoga and Biodiversity Retreat with Whale and Sea Life Excursion

Biodiversity awaits you - the Multiverse is all around us! Come on a whale research excursion with scientists, relax on the beach with the herons and pelicans, take a day trip for a surf or explore the simple fishing village.

I'll be leading daily yoga sessions over the duration of our trip (with the exception of excursion day), and daily outdoor meditations. Our yoga will be infused with gentle contemplations on multiplicity in myth, diversity in matter, and the ways we weave our personal ecologies into the distinct forms and expressions of our lives. All you need to do is arrive.

Barra de Potosí is is nestled at the southern end of Playa Larga beach in the greater Playa Blanca region. It's a 20 minute drive from the Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa airport. This traditional, simple fishing village, located on the section of the Pacific coast known as the Mexican Riviera for its beautiful beaches, is famous for its multitudes! This little beachside hamlet boasts egrets and pelicans, tortoises and dolphins, mangroves and coconut palms and papaya trees.

An excursion on a research vessel is built into our time together (although your participation is optional). On this unique oceanic biodiversity adventure, we'll accompany an international team of researchers and local fisherman on a day in the life of saving their coastal home. We may see sea turtles, manta rays, dolphins, or even the whales themselves!


Weekend Workshop in Joseph Oregon

 April 25-26 2020

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Yachats 2020!

Labor Day Oregon Coast retreat

Sept 5th - 7th, 2020.

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