"The stories … they’re enriching, they’re engaging, they’re contemplative —"

Myths & Methods

An Ongoing 6 class Series

Wednesdays, 6:15 - 9pm

Myths & Methods is an ongoing, 6 week class series, each with its own philosophical (myths) & physical (methods) focus. 


My approach to myth is metaphor rather than dogma -- the dieties as archetypes for understanding ourselves and the world -- and is informed by my many years of study with Dr Douglas Brooks. By layering the rich teachings of Rajanaka and the greater Sri Vidya traditions over a detailed study of asana and the body, we unlock the mysteries of both - revealing a multitude of pathways to a more integrated life.

I love the series structure. It offers more depth than drop-in's, but you don't have to travel or block off a weekend to dive in. Taking even one six-week section can benefit your practice, although many students make the series a part of their regular weekly routine. Those many repeat students form the backbone of a rich community of learners that is a hallmark of M&M, and a fringe benefit of committing to a deeper engagement with your yoga.

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"Sometimes when I go to Alison’s classes it’s like she’s speaking directly to me... like she knows what’s going on with me - it’s usually a story that’s also related to myth and also related to life - like your life.”





Myth, Multitudes, & Matter

Yoga Retreat with Whale Watch Excursion — December 10-17, 2022, or Jan 13-20 2023

Biodiversity awaits you! Come on a whale research excursion with scientists, relax on the beach with the herons and pelicans, take a day trip into the city or explore the simple fishing village.



Weekend Workshop in Joseph Oregon

 April 25-26 2020

details coming soon

Yachats 2020!

Labor Day Oregon Coast retreat

Sept 5th - 7th, 2020.

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